We pursue the objectives of making your car journey safer and more comfortable. SHADE WINGS complements your existing sun visor to provide complete protection against sun from the front and side simultaneously.

Which vehicle types is SHADE WINGS compatible with?

SHADE WINGS is compatible with virtually every car model. Current exceptions include vans, Minibuses, Roadster and sport cars. An overview of which cars SHADE WINGS is compatible with and which properties your car sun visor must have can be found here.

How do you disassemble SHADE WINGS?

Disassembling SHADE WINGS is easy and possible without the use of any tools. If you need support, the video below will help you.

Which colors is SHADE WINGS available in?

SHADE WINGS is available in grey and anthracite. Due to its plain, high-quality design, SHADE WINGS blends in perfectly with any car interior.


Yes, we confirm that SHADE WINGS fulfills the internationally agreed, technical ECE No. 21 standards, which regulate the head impact protection for accessories in motor vehicles.

Is SHADE WINGS legally permissible?

Yes, SHADE WINGS is legally permitted thanks to its compliance with the internationally agreed, technical ECE No. 21 standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.