SHADE WINGS is the world’s first retrofittable accessory for cars, which in combination with the existing sun visor ensures a simultaneous sun glare protection from both frontal and lateral solar radiation for drivers.

Is SHADE WINGS compatible with all car models?

SHADE WINGS can be mounted in almost all popular car models. Exceptions are minivans, trucks, and vans. Here is an overview of the car models SHADE WINGS is compatible with.

How does the disassembly of SHADE WINGS work?

Disassembling SHADE WINGS is easy and possible without the use of any tools. If you need support, the video below will help you.

Which color is SHADE WINGS available in?

SHADE WINGS is available in grey. Due to its plain and high-grade design SHADE WINGS fits every vehicle interior.


Yes, the German automobile testing authority DEKRA has certified the head impact safety and functionality of SHADE WINGS.

Does German law permit SHADE WINGS?

Yes, the German automobile testing authority DEKRA confirmed the traffic law legitimacy of SHADE WINGS.